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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Silly Me

I have a phone interview in approximately 35 minutes, and I am inordinately nervous about it.

I'm not even the one being interviewed. I am the one conducting the interview.

I have 40 questions already written out — which, by the way, is way too many for a 60-minute interview. But I have a tendency to overprepare.

This interview is the first of nine that I'll be conducting with brand managers at nonprofits for my master's research project, which is called, unsurprisingly, A Look at the Brand-Building Efforts of Nonprofit Organizations.

I think my nervousness stems from my sense that I don't know what I'm talking about. I have this expectation that I'll be halfway through my interviews, and my interviewees will realize that I know nothing and that they can provide no more information to someone whose frame of reference for this sort of thing is so very small.

Never mind that I have literally spent months doing background research. Never mind that the whole purpose of research is to learn more about something that you don't know enough about. I am lacking in experience, and WHAT IF THEY CAN TELL? Or what if I don't glean any useful information? What if none of my interviews can be tied to each other in logical ways? WHAT IF NO PATTERNS EMERGE? What if I interview and transcribe and code and categorize and compare and can't come up with anything!? WHAT IF NOBODY ELSE COMMITS TO AN INTERVIEW AND I DON'T GET ENOUGH DATA!?

These are the thoughts in my brain — now 12 minutes out from my interview.

I can be really silly sometimes.


  1. You're gonna do great!

    I don't know, I always felt stupid doing J-School interviews, but the point is kinda to be able to explain things to someone who doesn't know anything about the subject, so I felt okay a lot of the time just being like, "Ok, pretend I am your average person who has no idea what you're talking about. Explain it to me."

  2. How was it?

    Also you should do more correction of grammar of celebs. Love it.


Please and thank you.

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