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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vacation Journalism

Every day this Christmas break, my friend Marie-Claire and I have decided to join up in our blogging efforts. We will be choosing a topic and posting our own interpretation of it. So follow along with both of us as we share our completely reliable opinions on fashion, pop culture, and life before our last semester of grad school.

Today's topic: Dream Jobs

Preface: This does not include the job that I'm actually studying to do (because, frankly, I'm supes tired of talking about that). Reality aside, here are my other top ten dream jobs. 

10. YA Author 

Oh, to see my name on the spine of a pink book in the young adult section of the library! I would write about unlikely heroines and teenage drama, and I would say "like" and "you know" and "I mean" a lot. YA authors have that liberty. (I would also use fragments. Like all the time.) 

9. Wedding Planner

I cannot think of a more Pinterestastic job than planning weddings. This job would combine my love of fancy events, planning, meeting people, and holding clipboards.

8. Makeover-er

Think Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. When my friends and I were in college, we wanted to start a makeover service through which we could aid the awkward freshmen with their fashion and beauty choices. So many girls with triangle hair, so many boys with cargo jeans, so little time.

7. Photographer

Being a photographer seems glamorous and artsy, and you get to use Photoshop, which is practically one of my love languages.

6. Web Designer

I took a web design class during my second semester of grad school, and it made me rethink all of my life choices. By which I mean, I wished I could've gone back in time and majored in web design. I just want to know all of the code.

5. Professional Runner

Did you know there are people who get paid to run? IT'S LIKE THEIR JOB. I am way too slow to make a living by running, but we're talking dream jobs here. I would wear cute running clothes and have rockin' legs. In this hypothetical world, I might even get a running-inspired tattoo like the one pictured. (Just kidding. That would never happen.)

4. Mindy Kaling

Another dream job of mine is just to be Mindy Kaling. That woman is a total rockstar. She's hilariously funny, she writes and stars in her own show, and her skin always look luminous.

3. Blogger

I'd have to blog way more frequently to be a professional blogger. Oh, and I'd have to get sponsors and hipster glasses. And maybe become a Mormon.

2. Pop Star

Hand me a hairbrush and crank up the Kelly Clarkson, and you will quickly realize that I seriously missed my calling as a pop star. (The Kelly Clarkson needs to be turned up really loud for this to work.) I hope I'd be the KC or T-Swift variety of pop star, not the Britney/X-tina variety.


Let's be real: Being a stay-at-home mom is my one and only true dream job. I want to hold babies and wipe spaghetti off their faces and, when they get older, make school lunches for them and drive them to track practice. I promise not to wear mom jeans, though. You can hold me to it.

What's your dream job?


  1. I'm livin' the dream at 6 & 7. And sometimes 7 has a lot to do with 9 when 9's aren't involved. 6 & 7 actually also sometimes have me number 3-ing too, which only partially counts. A lot of times I stay at home too, so that's like number 1 but only half and it's only sometimes so it's not even a quarter probably. Anyway, I'm totes livin' your dream, that's all I'm sayin.

    1. Keith! I did not think about the fact that you got some of numbers 3 and 1, but I did think about the fact that you had my dream jobs 6 and 7 when I was writing this! AND that place where you work in Memphis is like totes in line with what I'm actually studying to do, so you really are living my dream life!

    2. #winning!

      For real, let me know if you want to talk about what we do more, or if you want to talk to my boss, or just come visit and check it out. Boom.

  2. Love love love! And "triangle hair" hahaha

  3. I love this! I think all of these are actually on my own list of dream jobs.

  4. You are too cute! I would for sure pick #9 for me! Especially if I got to wear J-Lo's cool belt of supplies. But seriously, I would love it! Aaron and I are working towards it. I have business cards that Dot made and I hope to pair it with #1.

    Love you and miss you!


Please and thank you.

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