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Monday, September 3, 2012

September at Last

I'm so ready for autumn this year. I'm ready for sweaters and scarves and boots and tights.

I'm ready for football and hot chocolate and season premieres and colorful leaves.

Oh, and I'm ready to see some men in flannel. And more flannel. And more flannel.

Maybe some men in cardigans, too.


  1. YES to all the above! Autumn is the best.

  2. GOOD CALL on the hot chocolate. Autumn doesn't seem so bad now. Also, everyone likes that flannel shirt you got me.

  3. hehe you're funny. Also i love fall and I just realized it this week. I love the colors and the fun activities that start in the fall- warm drinks, comfort food that involves cinnamon, pumpkin or even cheese, boots, tights, scarves, carving pumpkins, and cute seasonal decorations. Love!


Please and thank you.

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