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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Fairest of Them All

Snow White is totally having a moment.
(Thanks to Once Upon a Time,  Mirror Mirror, and Snow White and the Huntsman, that is.)

And I might feel a bit triumphant about her recent popularity. After all, I'm sporting the same dark hair + fair skin combo that earned Snow White her name and makes her beauty so unique.

I've blogged before about finally learning to love my oh-so-white skin despite the fact that fair skin is often treated as an ill to be remedied. I mean, there's an entire ($2.6 billion) industry devoted to preventing it — or at least alleviating it. (I, for one, will never understand the pre-tanning-bed thought process that goes, "Hey, you know what's worse than getting cancer? BEING PALE.")

In the story of Snow White, her paleness is her draw. She is lovely not in spite of her skin but because of it.

And, of course, we all remember what happens at the end of her story: She wins over the prince with her luminous beauty. (Or if I'm following the Huntsman trailer correctly, she wins over Chris Hemsworth — pretty doggone close.)


  1. I wrote out an extensive comment about how you're just so lovely you don't need to hide beneath a tan like the rest of us, but it came across as quite snide. So I'll just say that you are absolutely beautiful and I'm glad the world is momentarily taking leave of Coco Chanel's influence to recognize the awesomeness of your coloring. Snow White was the ideal for centuries (at least among nobility), so really you're just a perfect classic beauty.

  2. I loved seeing Mirror, Mirror. Haven't seen the other two movies, but hopefully soon. I'm pale with dark hair too...so I kind of love the snow white attention. ;-)


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