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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Six Months of Memories

I've lived in Columbia for six months as of today! Can you believe it? I can't.
So so grateful for all the friends and memories I've already made here.


  1. Can you count it as 6 months when you were gone for a month of it?

    Anyways, I'm proud to be in 9 of these 24 photos. [yes, i counted. and yes, i'm that vain.] Although that only counts for 37.5% of your life here, and we all know that we spend at least 60% of our time together. [quantifying!]

  2. It still blows my mind that we know the same people. The internet is weird.

  3. Grad school: singlehandedly keeping Instagram in business.

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    Thanks so much!
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Please and thank you.

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