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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That Boy on The Bachelor

I'm trying not to let Bachelor Ben's taste in women taint my opinion of men as a whole.

But his behavior on tonight's episode reminded me of too many guys I've met.

It was like watching my memories of middle school played out by adults:

  • Mean, self-absorbed girls who are friendly to boys and cruel to girls
  • And dumb boys who can't see past a pretty face (and/or various other features)

I'm already too invested in this completely ridiculous/wildly entertaining show.
Ben better pick Kacie B! If he doesn't, I might lose all hope in the male species.

(You know, that hope I barely managed to hold onto that time Jake picked Vienna over Tenley.)


  1. I totally agree! I used to like Ben, but not I am boycotting this season after reading some spoilers on realitysteve.com.

  2. Kacie is the best for sure. The other women are RIDICULOUS.

  3. I heart Kacie B, but my gut is saying that he's not going to pick her, even though she's totally right for him. It's too bad viewers can't vote for who he should pick ;)

  4. agree, those two are awful. this season is off to a rough start!

  5. dun dun dun
    did you watch last night?


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