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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Cold: A Poem

I cannot breathe, I cannot smell
I have been damned to sinus hell
My tissue box is nearing hollow
I die inside each time I swallow

I'm downing Sudafed like candy
Got eucalyptus cough drops handy
Got Tylenol and Zicam, too,
Even a Benadryl/NyQuil brew

I pile on blankets but quiver and freeze
With icy fingers and shivering knees
I prop myself up, pillows on pillows
In hopes to somehow appease my ill nose

But nothing works! It's all in vain
So in the darkness I have lain
For hours on hours with nothing to do
But pray I make it another night through

If I do not, I've a few final pleas
Remember me not for my cough and my sneeze
Remember the good days — before my congestion
Donate my organs, but I have one suggestion:

Do not donate my respiratory system


  1. That poem was AWESOME. I totally feel you, too. I've had a cough for 4+ weeks and sinus issues for 2+. I finally got some antibiotics for the sinus infection, which means that between my sinus medicinal regime and my birth control (acne control!) pill, I took 7 pills this morning (2 ibuprofen, 1 sudafed, 1 mucinex w/ a cough suppressant, birth control, 2 antibiotics). Oy.


Please and thank you.

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