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Friday, December 23, 2011


when it's December 22 and you still haven't bought presents for any of your family members... 

I am not a procrastinator by nature. I don't like working in crunch time. But when it comes to picking out presents, I'm always behind schedule. I never think about finding presents until the week of Christmas (or birthdays, etc.), and I rarely feel like the things I've picked for people are any good.

Occasionally I'll find something that reminds me of a specific friend or family member, so I'll snatch it up to save for the right occasion, but I almost never find good presents when I go hunting for them.

A year or two ago, I took a love languages assessment, and, low and behold, I found that gifts are the way I'm least inclined to show and receive love. Suddenly it all made sense! This is why I need my family members to write their Christmas lists but I never want to write my own.

{my love language results}

Being aware of the various love languages has also helped me to understand how to show love to my friends better. Some need hugs, and some need help, and some just need to hang out. Do you know what your love languages are?

p.s. I did end up purchasing two gifts for family members tonight! #success


  1. I love that graph. In fact, I think pie charts are my love language.

    Also this: http://www.jonacuff.com/stuffchristianslike/2011/01/4302/

  2. i love that book! Physical touch and words of affirmation are mine! You will get everything done by Christmas no worries! Enjoy it!

  3. Two presents down, how many more to go??!! I'm assuming you will be busy shopping all day tomorrow!

  4. Love languages are the best! I feel vindicated that QT is actually your #1.

    P.S. It’s okay if you don’t get me a gift, as long as you keep tablet-ing charts.

  5. I had taken mine a while ago but just took it again so I could share my results with you {because I couldn't remember where my initial ones were}. I have the numbered scores, not percentages:
    12 - quality time
    6 - words of affirmation
    7 - acts of service
    4 - receiving gifts
    1 - physical touch

    the physical touch isn't completely accurate because i will take it from people with whom i'm extremely comfortable. anyway, i share that to say i considered asking my family to just call off all gifts this year. there wasn't much anything i needed and nobody else wanted anything either. we did exchange presents but really didn't make a huge deal of them, and i like it that way.


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