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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Break To-Do List

1. See my girls.
Got to soak up all the minutes I can with these lovely ladies.
(Especially now that a third of them are off and married. #whendidwegetsoold)
Can't wait for our annual Secret Santa party tomorrow! (I'm bringing a cheetah Snuggie. Don't tell.) 

2. Catch up on blogs. 
Wedding blogs, design blogs, Mormon mommy blogs, your blogs, etc.

3. Make an excessive number of trips to the mall.
Also, eat an excessive number of giant pretzels. 

4. Pin things to Pinterest. 
Things I want cook. Ways I want to do my hair. Babies I want to eat squeeze.
Neville (always Neville). Places I want to live. Clothes I want to wear. Et cetera. (Pin with me!)

5. Design.
I have six empty frames in my Missouri bedroom, and I'd like to fill them with some prettified Bible verses or lyrics. What are your faves? Please share in the comments. 

6. Design some more. 
I want to do more of these type portraits. And I want to figure out a way to print them nicely. 

6. Update ze blog & ze portfolio.
I always get the hankering to update the layout over breaks. (And I'm still not satisfied with my thought bubble picture.) And I'm going to try to post every day. Look at me go.

7. Watch my shows.
Revenge. Pretty Little Liars. THE BACHELOR.
The most dramatic season yet. (Always the most dramatic season yet.) What are you watching lately?

8. Elliptical!
(I made it a verb.) ENDORPHINS.

9. Read. 
Maybe I will finally finish Sense and Sensibility or The Chronicles of Narnia. Maybe I'll just curl up in my bed and listen to the rest of Catching Fire. That counts as reading, right? Any other books you'd suggest for mental-break reading? I've also thought about picking up Bossypants or Mindy Kaling's new book. 

What Christmas break activities am I forgetting?
What will you be doing during break? 


  1. Kate, I LOVE that you have a picture of the Taza blog. So funny. And, thanks to you, I'm officially obsessed with cute baby Eleanor now! She's on my google reader daily.
    Have a great break!
    - Valarie

  2. such a great to-do list for break, hope you get to complete everything on it!

  3. mormon mommy blogs? hahaha.

    so, i'm curious, since this is at least the second mention i've noticed you make of audiobooks: do you prefer them over traditional reading? or do you like to mix up doing both? i never retain anything i hear and don't like just hearing people talk {which i why i hate both talk radio and phones} so i'm interested to hear {ha?} why you choose to listen to audiobooks.

  4. @Annie I'm a big fan of audiobooks for long road trips, and I've taken several of those lately. I normally prefer printed books, but I got the first two Hunger Games as audiobooks for my drives. I know what you mean about having trouble retaining what you hear. (I hate phones, too!) Sometimes I have to go back and listen to a portion of a book for a second time.

  5. I just finished reading "Sarah's Key." Not exactly a light read, but it's excellent (and doesn't take too long). I like this to-do list. I am thinking about adding blogging to mine, but I don't know when I would get around to it once back to school!


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