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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I've been meaning to blog about.

1. I hate it when TV/movie characters kiss right after they have woken up. Worst time to kiss ever. Some of you are probably like, "Kate, how do you know?" And that is a pretty good question. But, in my opinion, the fact that there's a famous musical called Kiss Me, Kate entitles me to be the kissing police. And I say: Go brush your teeth.

The above screencap was taken from the most recent episode of The Lying Game, which I attempted to watch — at Gwen's urging — in the J-Lib today. I don't normally watch television shows in the library, but I had just finished a test and wanted to reward myself. I cut my show-watching short, HOWEVER, when that kiss started to happen. I was like, "Gwen, I cannot watch people kiss in the library." Twenty minutes later when Gwen was still trying to get me to watch the show, totes adorbs undergrad boy sitting next to her said, "I don't think anyone would be embarrassed if you watched people kissing in the library." ! ! !

p.s. I make no apologies about my love of a select few ABC Family dramas.

2. Mizzou invented homecoming. Did y'all know that? It's on Wikipedia and everything. I became a Mizzou student just in time to experience their centennial homecoming celebration, which I consider pretty good timing on my part.

Here I am pre-homecoming parade with Gwen, Melissa, Mollie, Whitney and Jessica. 
Yes, you should read their blogs, and, yes, journalism school is weaning me off the Oxford comma.

3. Speaking of Missouri friends, I have them. I haven't posted many pics of them on here, but we do fun things like Wednesday lunches and Thursday small group and apple-picking and shopping and Orange-Leafing and birthday partying and House Dec-seeing. Oh, and lots of grad school workload commiserating. (Do you like how I started that sentence with regular nouns and then switched to all gerunds? My brain. It is dead. It is throwing parallel structure to the wayside.) These friends are what I am most grateful for about my new life.

4. Speaking of Missouri friends, I have no guy friends. That is a slight exaggeration. I have approximately 1.8 guy friends in Missouri, and that number results from the fact that I know approximately four guys in Missouri but know them, on average, only about 45% as much as you need to know a guy before you can call him a friend. I've always been that girl who hates hanging out with guys, but I'm really beginning to miss male company. I especially missed it a week and a half ago when I needed new brake pads and had no idea what to do. I especially especially missed it a couple of weeks before that when I broke the mini-blinds in my shower and had no idea how to fix them.

5. There's a window in my shower. Yeah, the one I shower in. And the blinds in said shower broke. And by broke, I mean snapped in two at the top and fell out completely. Not having a father or brother or other male friend to call for help with my blinds, I resorted to covering the window with various household goods. First I made a barrier of shampoo and conditioner bottles on the windowsill. That lasted for two weeks or so. Then I replaced the bottles with two giant strips of aluminum foil, which I taped to the tile around the glass. That lasted for two days or so. Then my roommate Scotch-taped the blinds apparatus and put it back up like a champ. I guess I didn't need a man after all, just a roommate and some Scotch tape. (Never ever let that become my mantra.)

6. I've started saying "y'all" more since I moved here. I think this is part of the reason why Mizzou is probably switching to the SEC. They can't handle all my southern-ness. 

7. This picture is the background on my computer. It has been such a comforting reminder to me lately when I've been stressed about schoolwork.

8. My grad school workload is leaving my life in disarray. Exhibit A: Monday's cereal bowl sitting on my desk. Exhibit B: My clean clothes still in the laundry basket two weeks after I washed them. Exhibit C: The tape on those mini-blinds I told you about. I realize this is not a very blogger-y statement to make. Bloggers say things like, "Look at my wonderful crafts. Look at my hipster husband. Look at my vintage dresses. My life is so pulled together." My life does not feel pulled together these days. I do not make crafts for my hipster husband whilst wearing vintage dresses. But I do dry my hair on a fairly regular basis, so that's something.

9. Spotify is my new best friend. Lately I've been listening to lots of George Winston, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Blake Stratton. Weird combo, I know. When I'm stressed about homework, I all about some Bethany Dillon, Jimmy Needham, Robbie Seay Band and Jenny & Tyler. Are y'all on Spotify yet? It is seriously my favorite new internet thing since Twitter. Who Whom are you listening to?

Go listen to this on Spotify ASAP.

10. I went running the other day. It was the seven-year anniversary of my stopping running due to injury. Seven years. I can't believe it. I wanted to blog that day. I wanted to provide a little two-years-later update since my last major post on the topic. But I found myself swamped with schoolwork and unable to carve out the time. I did carve out the time, however, to go for a little mini-run, and it was wonderful. I wanted to test my legs and see how they'd hold up. They held up well, and I was even comfortably sore in a nice muscle-y, non-injury way for a couple of days afterward. I have made so so so so much progress in the last year. Maybe more progress in the last year than in the six years that preceded it. I will try to get that all out in blog form soon.

View from my mini-run. Not even kidding. Approximately two minutes from campus.

11. It was sunny last week, but it has been gloomy this week. It is putting me in a funk. Don't let my oh-so-pale skin fool you — I need sunshine to function!

12. This sentence was in one of my class readings this week. Do not attempt to read it. It will hurt your brain. I just wanted you to see how long and ridiculous it is. 201 words. Not cool, author. Not cool.

13. My mom and sister are coming tomorrow. And by tomorrow, I mean today! Woohoo! I'm so excited.
Insert joke about how they are matching here. 

14. On that note, it is my bedtime.


  1. That's funny because being in publishing is weaning me into USING the Oxford comma. I guess we'll balance out the universe. :)

  2. things i liked about this post:
    1. that your first thing was about kissing.
    2. that this consisted of a plug for my blog and pictures.
    3. that i now know what an oxford comma is.
    4. "I guess I didn't need a man after all, just a roommate and some Scotch tape. (Never ever let that become my mantra.)" ahahaha. too funny.

    ps. no oxford commas?! that's possibly one of my favorite things. ever. i didn't use one in my tweet the other day and it sorta hurt a little.

  3. i also am secretly obsessed with pretty little liars, although i've never seen the lying game. i should probably check it out...

  4. I laughed out loud so many times in this post.

    1. The J-Library is the best. I'm fairly sure I watched TV in there a few times. I feel like the basement in a corner is the best place. (It's also a good "quiet time" place!)

    2. I am so sad I missed the 100th homecoming!!! Glad you got to enjoy it, though.

    3. It also makes me super happy that you're bffs with Gwen because I Twitroduced you guys.

    4. "I have approximately 1.8 guy friends in Missouri, and that number results from the fact that I know approximately four guys in Missouri but know them, on average, only about 45% as much as you need to know a guy before you can call him a friend." HILARIOUS. I wish I knew some older guys you could be friends with, but my only suggestions are the Twinsvolds.

    5. Also lawled at the shower window story.


    7. Yes. "Bloggers say things like, "Look at my wonderful crafts. Look at my hipster husband. Look at my vintage dresses. My life is so pulled together.""

    8. Mmmm Stephen's Lake Park! You must have a bonfire there and make s'mores.

    9. HAVE YOU GONE TO THE CORN MAZE?? Is that a thing in Kentucky? If it is it probably isn't exciting to you at all, but it wasn't a thing in Texas, so it was one of my favorite things about Missouri fall.

  5. You are SO right about the morning kisses. Sick!

  6. I love this! "Look at my hipster husband” was hilarious, and I laughed out loud at the nouns-to-gerunds note and at “covering the window with various household goods.”

    I’m disappointed to hear about the Oxford commas, but the 7-year-anniversary run makes up for it.

  7. Loved getting a full update on life from you in one post! So glad life is going well and you're happy. What's the story behind your stopping running? I don't know about this part of you...,

  8. I totally hate first-thing-in-the-morning tv kisses too. I was once complaining about it and one of my guy friends said "love is more than morning breath." ... it was so cute and out of character I had to accept it.

    (and as a side note) what graduate school program are you in? From the looks of that sentence (yikes!) it might be communications? I felt like I read the exact thing studying up on professors for my graduate school applications this morning.


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