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Friday, September 16, 2011

A long blog that you should read anyway.

So one of the most interesting things about coming to Mizzou has been getting to see what's popular at a different school in different part of the country.

The first thing that I noticed about Mizzou was the way the students dress. On the first day of class, approximately one million girls were wearing this number: neon sports bras, sorority slub tanks and Nike track shorts. 

(Do you like the little Photoshop compilation I made for you?
Legs from one model, torso from another, sports bra and shorts just stuck on in there? Thought you would.)

My initial reaction was, "OH, so this is their hazing. They make the girls wear these outfits." But no. The first day came and went. And girls were still wearing this. It's like the thing to wear.

On the one hand, I can see the logic in this wardrobe choice. For the first two weeks of classes, it was approximately one billion degrees on campus. On the other hand, I can't see the logic. Because they're going to class. With their sports bras sticking out.

So if that's how the girls look, how do the boys look? They look bearded.

I know what you're saying. You're saying, "Kate, they might look bearded, but they don't look like Jon Hamm and Brad Pitt." To which I say, "Au contraire, monsieur."

Okay, actually not au contraire. You are right. (And you're probably not a monsieur.) They don't look like Jon Hamm and Brad Pitt. But they do look bearded, and I can't miss an opportunity to remind people that Brad Pitt and Jon Hamm went to Mizzou. 

And as long as we're speaking in French, want to know what else is rampant on Mizzou's campus? Amour de Apple. Seriously. I know that I posted this same Mizzou classroom picture back in February, but now I've seen this Apple love with my own eyes, and it still amazes me. Classrooms actually look like that.

Also, the Mizzou campus is like one big iPhone-fest. It's not just the majority of kids who have iPhones. It is the vast majority.

(I also see a surprising number of kids — undergrads, grads and non-J-School kids alike — traipsing around campus with iPads. They're all like, "No big deal. Just chillin' with my iPad.") It's like the future.

Another thing kids love at Mizzou (and my favorite spot on campus) is the completely ridiculous — nay, opulent — recreation center, which everyone calls The Rec. I always go after my classes end, so I have it to look forward to all day.

Going into The Rec is sort of like watching MTV's Cribs. It just seems like way more than anyone could ever need in the way of recreational space.

Don't like the cardio theater?
Go to quiet cardio zone.
Don't like the locker room?
Go to the fancier locker room. (Just $16 a month.)
Don't like the weight room?
Go to the other weight room.
Don't like the pool?
Go to the other pool.
Don't like the other pool?
Go to the other, other pool.
Don't like the other, other pool?
Go to the sauna, ya whiner.
Don't like your toenails?

That little Q&A there just began to touch on all that there is in The Rec. I found out recently that The Rec was actually rated the number one recreational center in the country by Sports Illustrated. I'm not surprised.

(My favorite thing to do in The Rec is the hip-hop spin class. Have you guys ever been spinning?
It is so fun. Go try it. The class I go to is in a black-lit room, and they play loud music, and we all just spin away.)

There are also some random popular things at Mizzou or in Columbia that don't fit nicely into any categories. They include but are not limited to: 

1. Tiger Stripe ice cream
I still haven't tried it, but it is made on campus, and people love it.

2. Churches
Everyone I talk to goes to a different church, and everyone I talk to loves their his or her church.
I've visited three, and I liked all three of them. (First world problems, right?)

3. Smart people
Everybody seems smart here. [I am like not even that special anymore. (Just kidding, bahaha.)]
But, seriously, it makes sense that Columbia is the 13th most educated city in the country!
Or at least it was in 2006

4. "Evangelists"
There are always people "evangelizing" in the speaker's circle at Mizzou. I keep getting this urge to throw Bibles at them and yell "Jesus doesn't motivate with guilt!" But I'm pretty sure that Jesus doesn't motivate by throwing Bibles either. (In other news, Brother Jed's home base is at Mizzou.)

5. Swearing
People love to swear at Mizzou. Profs swear at students. Students swear at profs. Profs swear in their lectures. Students swear in their homework. And it's all no big deal. No big deal, #$@% it!

6. Smoking
People also like to smoke on campus. I will never understand.

7. HyVee
People love this grocery store called HyVee. I went there, and I was all excited to experience it, but it turned out to be...a grocery store. 

8. Hating kansas
People hate kansas here. They hate it so much that they don't even capitalize the k. That is the middle finger of grammar. (Prior to moving here, I'd only seen the middle finger of grammar used for satan.)

9. Asians
There are so many Asians here. (Do you like how I represented them with a picture of Russell from Up? Thought so.) I'm pretty sure there are more Asians in the grad school than non-Asians.

10. Parking garages
I pay $170 a year to park in parking garages, and I spend a lot of time in parking garages. They are taking over the city of Columbia, and there's still not enough parking. 

Wow, parking garages make kind of a lame note to end on. I should have thought of that when I was arranging my collage, but it is 1:12 a.m. now, and there is no way that I am opening up Picasa to rearrange that and make a better conclusion for you guys. 

Has journalism school taught me nothing!?

p.s. I'm starting a new series on my blog called "Grammar with Kate." Clever, right? No, not right. If you can thing of a better name, let me know. It will be a grammar series inspired by pop culture happenings. First topic of discussion: Lady Gaga's new song "You and I." So much is wrong with that song. (Grammatically and otherwise.) Get excited.


  1. Every time you post, I think, “She can’t top this.” And then you do.

  2. That's the sweetest brotherly comment I've ever seen.

    Also, I love your perspective, Kate, because I never realized most of these things weren't de rigueur everywhere. :)

  3. I love this post for so many reasons!

    1. The sorority girls dress like that at A&M, too! Ugh. I think it's a 2011 trend because I don't recall seeing that many sports bras last fall. I love that you thought it was hazing.

    2. Just wait until No-Shave November.

    3. Have you seen this? http://www.apple.com/education/profiles/missouri/

    4. lawls! "(I also see a surprising number of kids — undergrads, grads and non-J-School kids alike — traipsing around campus with iPads. They're all like, "No big deal. Just chillin' with my iPad.") It's like the future."

    5. Get yourself to Buck's Ice Cream ASAP. It's over by Hatch dorm.

    6. Ugh, the smoking was the worrrst. But we're making strides to be a smoke-free campus!

    7. YES, HYVEE. I mean, yeah, it's a grocery store, but it's a clean, nice grocery store where all the workers are eager and wear ties. Plus there's Carribou coffee in there. And Chinese food. It's a good place.

    8. I honestly never noticed that many Asians. But now that I think about it, I think a lot of J-School grad students are Asian.

    9. I cannot wait for your grammar posts. If there is any way you could possibly take Mag Editing with Jen Rowe, DO IT. Or just like, go meet here. She is a grammar GODDESS.

  4. love your descriptions of the people at mizzou. and definitely looking forward to your series on grammar - there is a lot in this world that needs a good dose of grammar before it's made public (beginning with, perhaps, my own apparent inability to capitalize online, haha).

  5. I agree with Jack's comment. That was an awesome post! I can't believe people wear workout clothes to class...I wouldn't ever, but oh well. Looks like you're having a great time so far though :) Happy Monday!

  6. So I love this post. The girls at my college in our sorority dress like that as well. I just graduated, and it's a new thing...not sure what's going on??!

    All those Apples...I cannot believe that!! That's so cool you did journalism. I just graduated and did Elementary Education, but I love writing and am an aspiring author!

    I'm interested in your grammar with Kate! I need help sometimes, especially in the field I'm working (should have gotten a minor in creative writing...kicking myself now) http://thewrittenword-jlr.blogspot.com/

    Anyways, love the blog and this post. Agreed about smoker though. I just don't get it.


  7. Kate, Kate, Kate. So many things.

    1. (Most important, which is why it's #1). I MISS YOU! Love, love, love floating your way.

    2. Your blogs make me smile so much. Always.

    3. I'm so glad you're loving Mizzou, still. And holy freakin' rec center. Is that a tropical oasis or a room in a gym?

    4. I'm super jealous of your mad photoshop skills. I keep almost downloading the Photoshop trial, then not doing it because I remember you're not here to teach me. :( Sadness.

    5. So, so glad about the Kate/Grammar section. Don't care what it's called, it will be awesome.

    6. Speaking of grammar in pop culture, have you ever seen Castle? It's a magical land of grammar quips. Among more in-depth grammatical analyses, Nathan Fillion spouts such gems as "whoever killed her also murdered the English language" and talks about his tv daughter's first word being "denouement."

    7. Jay tells me Mizzou is in the running for God's Conference. I keep thinking of you when sports news breaks, haha. Totes random.

    8. Last(and second most important)ly: beware of parking garages. Pretty please. Because if you're ever dropped into a movie or primetime drama, you will be kidnapped and/or shot at the next time you visit one. No joke.

  8. I am sitting in the G/C lobby at the desk and laughing SO. HARD. I am calling you tomorrow afternoon.

  9. This post is hilarious. Just stumbled across you blog and am now following!

  10. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments!

    3. Yes, I loved seeing that! Proud of Mizzou!
    7. Haha, I didn't notice the employees' ties! I will have to look for that.
    9. I've been curious about her for quite a while! Your tweets about her are always so enthusiastic.

    1. You, TOO.
    3. I believe it is a tropical oasis in a room in a gym.
    4. I can teach you Ps via screen-sharing! And I think you would pick it up on your own pretty easily anyway!
    6. I haven't seen it, but isn't the main girl named Kate? Maybe?
    8. I need to put that eye-poker-outer that your mom got me back on my keychain.

    If you've got a specific grammar question, let me know! I will try to find a pop culture incident that exemplifies it, and then I can do a blog about it!

  11. Hahaha! Kate! Thank you for typifying and so succinctly picking out all the strange Mizzou eccentricities that I noticed last year when I came and am still processing!

  12. holy moly--this just cracked me up! my cousin is a sophomore at Mizzou and this totally made me think of her :) I went to Georgetown, where we didn't have sororities, so it always fascinates me. love your perspective! hope you had a fabulous weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  13. So many comments. It has been way too long since I read your blog. I love it and miss you!


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