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Monday, July 18, 2011

PostSecret | Harry Potter Edition

Loved seeing a few Harry Potter secrets on PostSecret this week.

Me neither. Nowhere close. (But, seriously, does this surprises anyone?)*

This reminded me of another PostSecret that I saved on my computer because I loved it so much. I can't remember when it was posted. 

Dear Future Husband,
I'm game for a honeymoon at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Just saying.
Love, Kate

I so thoroughly enjoyed the last movie on Thursday night.
I just want to watch it a million times over. 

With Bellatrix Betsy

Bellatrix, Umbridge, Ginny, Luna, Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione
aka Betsy, Kellie, Kristina, Leah, Mandy, and me

It was quite convenient that we had two natural redheads in our group!

*You know, love love. 'Cause, I mean, OBVS I love my dad more than Harry Potter.


  1. I already saw it twice. So good. :)

  2. I am taking Eli to Universal Studios for his 11th birthday so he can be at Hogwarts when he turns 11 like Harry. I might make him dress up as well. I am totally gonna be that mom.

  3. Love how you all got dressed up to fit characters! I'm impressed. Don't hate, but I still haven't seen it...

  4. i am such a harry fan and am embarrassed to say i haven't seen it yet!!! i must go soon. i wish i could have honeymooned at hogwarts!


Please and thank you.

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