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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am waaay too excited about seeing Harry Potter tonight.

I am like eat-sleep-breathing Harry Potter at this point. I'm just beyond excited.

In other news, I want to marry Neville Longbottom. 

Talk about aging well. 

No other wizard compares!

(Okay, but, actually, I love them all!)
Who's your favorite? Are you going to see the movie?


  1. No kidding!! I was shocked when I saw Neville in all the premiere. He looks goooood. Ah!! I'm just SO excited about tonight! THRILLED.

  2. I'm WAY excited too! can not WAIT! and its a tie between ron & draco for me! in the looks department at least!

  3. I'm FINALLY seeing it tomorrow! I know I'll cry through the whole thing. And seriously, Neville got HOT.


Please and thank you.

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