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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Red is my best color.

Look, you guys, I got a car!

Isn't it so cute!? 

At first I was going to name it either Adam Levine or Maroon 5 because I love Maroon 5 and because it is sort of maroon and because it is an '05. Jack, suggested that I name it Maroon '05, which I thought was pretty clever.

But now I'm leaning toward naming it Georgia because I love UGA and because I feel like it's a girl and because it's black and red. Thoughts?

p.s. Do you like my Vanna White poses?
p.p.s. The little sticker inside the car says it was made in Missouri. Come August, I'm taking it back to its roots. (Or maybe it's taking me.)


  1. 1. name it georgia
    2. the missouri connection is crazy

  2. Gorgeous, girl! Congrats! It's totally you. :)

    I like Georgia, too. Maroon '05 is wonderful and clever, but the car's not maroon, which throws it a bit. Georgia's a cute name and fits the color/your love for UGA.

  3. Love it! You look tots prec next to your car. I love escapes and you should name it Georgia!

  4. I like the car, but I'm not sure I'd call it cute - it's huge! (I suppose this is my European-ness and our tiny cars coming out)

    Georgia's a nice name! It sounds like something that would stick, which is good! My first car was called Benji, and absolutely everyone called him that!


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