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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taylor ♥ Adam ♥ Taylor

I was bebopping around the apartment singing Taylor Swift's "Enchanted" on Thursday when Marie-Claire provided me with some thrilling information.

The conversation went something like this:

Me:  "This night is sparkling / Don't you let it go / I'm wonderstruck . . ." 
Marie: Are you singing "Enchanted"?
Me: Yeah, I love that song! It is my favorite on the whole CD. It is so sweet.
Marie: Did you hear [the guy from Owl City] Adam Young's response on his blog?
Me: What? No! I mean I knew the song was supposed to be about him.
Marie: Yeah, Adam Young posted a response to her on Valentine's Day.

So she proceeded to show me the sweetest blog post of all time. He basically confesses his love to her. And then he covers "Enchanted"! I know, right!? Seriously, you have to listen.

I am posting it here for you guys. The best part of the Owl City version is the end. It's so sweet.

I'm just a little worried about Adam because Taylor seems to fall in and out of "love" a lot. I feel stupid saying that. I just don't want her to break his little darling heart!

He seems like such a genuinely sweet guy. His lyrics are amazing. In fact, I could (and probably will) write an entire blog post just about how much I love his lyrics and the fact that he has his head on straight.

That said, I do appreciate the fact that he kind of put his heart (very publicly) on the line to tell her how he felt. Way to be a man, Adam Young.


  1. This was a great moment. I was not mad. He's adorable.

  2. How sweet is that?! Honestly. Taylor is one lucky gal.

  3. k this is so fate i read this because i just read about that the other day - and i've listened to t.swifts cd a gabillion times since its come out, but never really listened to enchanted but now that i know that i love it so much. and i love your blog. and i love that we're basically twins!!!

  4. I just read this and am so happy! so sweet.

  5. But he had a girlfriend when he responded, so I was thoroughly confused as to whether this was like, "wow, you're awesome I admire you as a person and I would love to be friends", or "wow, you're awesome, let's have babies and sit on our porch together watching the sunset while our grandkids run about our yard."


Please and thank you.

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