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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a small world after all.

I don't even have words to describe the bizarro coincidence that Marci and I discovered today.
I will let you read it yourselves.

This is the comment Marci left this afternoon on my blog about the Steve Moakler concert

This is the Twitter insanity that ensued. Keep in mind that Marci and I have never met!
The great big internet is the only thing responsible for bringing us together!

I know, right!? I think Marci got it exactly right when she said "mind blown. #inception"

My mind has indeed been blown. These Auburn guys were literally the only people we talked to at the concert. Sooo crazy.

I look forward to becoming better internet friends with Marci in the future.
Thank you, internet and Steve Moakler for bringing us together. 


  1. Seriously, I woke up this morning and still am not over it. Amazing.

    and I told them y'all said "hi" and I'm pretty sure their brains melted ahaha.

    Anyway, I'm glad y'all had such a good time at the concert again. Did you get to meet Steve? I've never seen him live, but I have met Dave Barnes. LOVE.HIM.

  2. oh, and another side note, please tell Amanda/Becs that I am NOT friends with hat/beard. He thinks he is kind of a big deal, though. Bless.

  3. I know! It was the very first thing I thought about when I woke up! We are the same.

    Haha, I am so glad to hear that their brains melted. My brain, Taylor's brain, and Amanda's/Becs' brain melted, too.

    And no worries, I already told Amanda/Becs and Taylor that you were not friends with beard boy! Too funny.

    Unfortunately, we did not stick around to meet Steve. We wanted to, but we thought we better hit the road because it was already so late.

    SO JEALOUS that you have met Dave Barnes. He is high on my list of people I want to see live!

  4. Ahhhhh seriously amazing! Definitely a mind blown inception moment.


Please and thank you.

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