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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My apartment-mate Lola went to Panera last night and came home with bags of free bread that they were about to throw away!

This much bread in our kitchen = dangerous + delicious.

Monday, November 15, 2010

For dainties are all Kates

I got a kick out of reading this on Mandy's adorable blog today:
"Kevin asked me what I would name myself if I could, and with a lot of thought I decided on the name Kate. Not Katie or Katherine, just Kate. I think the name Kate is simple and romantic and the last name really takes center stage on a name like Kate, making it timeless."
According to Dale Carnegie, everyone's favorite word is his or her own name. I've always loved my name but have never known if this was because my name was especially pretty or just because it was mine.

The older I get, however, the more I think that my name is especially pretty.

I feel like this is evidenced by the fact that I have never wanted to change it.

Even on days when I have wanted to change my hair, my skin, my height, my weight, my voice, or my nose, I have never wanted to change my name.
And I've always relished the fact that my name lacks that game-changing i.

Katie? People ask.
No, just Kate.

I want to put it on a résumé.

All this reminds me of something I wrote for a class my senior year of high school. Here's an excerpt:
"My name has given me something to live up to. Kate, after all, means pure. But when I think Kate, I think of actresses like Kate Hepburn and authors like Kate Chopin. Kate is the name that provoked Shakespeare to say, “For dainties are all Kates” and Ben Folds to say, quite simply, “I wanna be Kate.” I consider Kate to be such a versatile name. I can wear Kate with heels, and I can wear Kate with sneakers. Kate can be classy, and Kate can be comfy. Kate can multitask. Certainly, in saying that Kate is and does all these things, I do not mean to imply that this Kate is as perfectly capable as her name. But Kate does set a high standard for me."
Perhaps I seem vain for writing a blog devoted entirely to my own name, but I don't mean to take any credit for the name. I did not pick it.

Kate preceded me, really.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Call the ringmaster

'cause I'm putting on a pretty impressive balancing act.

Student, employee, intern, daughter, sister, friend. . .
I'll get back to you one of these days, blog.
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