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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another birthday

Liz, you are twenty-one, alright,
but I fear my birthday poems are sounding quite trite,
because after this one, this one, and this one, my heavens,
and a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, and a seventh,

they're all starting to sound the same.

So I have decided to go a new route:
one that is less poetry and more vocab.

This new route is called,

A Series of Photos 
Each With a Vocab Word Describing Not Only That Photo But Also Our Relationship

comely |ˈkəmlē|adjective ( -lier -liest )(typically of a womanpleasant to look at; attractive.• agreeable; suitable.

outlandish |outˈlandi sh |adjectivelooking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar outlandish brightly colored clothes the most outlandish ideas.archaic foreign; alien.

saucy |ˈsôsē|adjective ( -cier -ciest ) informalimpudent; flippant a saucy remark.bold and lively; smart-looking a hat with a saucy brim.3 suggestive, typically in a way intended to be lighthearted saucy songs.

snug |snəg|adjective ( snugger snuggest )comfortablewarmand cozy; well protected from the weather or cold she was safe and snug in Ruth's arms a snug cottage.

mellifluous |məˈlifloōəs|adjective(of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear the voice was mellifluous and smooth.

gauche |gō sh |adjectivelacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward.

wondrous |ˈwəndrəs|adjective poetic/literaryinspiring a feeling of wonder or delight; marvelous this wondrous city.

Happy birthday, Liz. I love you.

Oh, also, this ad came up on my Facebook today, and I screen-captured it specifically for you. 

I know, right!? Even the Facebook ad people were celebrating your birthday.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot Men with Babies

Scooch over, Facebook. I have a new favorite Web site.

It's called Hot Men with Babies, and I think the sheer adorableness of it is about to make my heart explode.

Some of my faves:

(Insert heart explosion here.)

All via. (Obvs.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

What makes me happy today is David Archuleta's new song!

I can't stop replaying it!

Did I ever mention that I MET HIM!? 'Cause I did.

And let me just tell you,
we are in love.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthdays everywhere!

Marie-Claire DeJarnett, you are twenty-one!
This here is your birthday poem; it's only just begun!
I hope your special day was nothing short of great
and that this poem makes you think, "Man, I miss Kate."

Look, there we are, just a couple of weeks ago!
(We make pretty convincing Asians, if I do say so.)
You are big time cheesing for this photograph,
and you never fail to make me laugh!

I wish I could speak French like you;
vraiment vraiment je fais.
That would have rhymed if it had been English.
(I think, but I might be wrongish.)

I'm glad that you stayed around Lex this summer
and that I've gotten to see you some.
I can't wait to be back with you at school
because living in the apartments is going to be oh-so-cool.

Remember when we were wee little freshmen not so long ago?
Back then I thought college would feel really slow.
Unfortunately, it has gone much much too fast.
We haven't had enough homework hangouts, Target trips, and nights in the caf!

So next year we must vow to have lots of fun together!
Because I need Marie in my life like I need sunny weather!
I'm glad that you were born 21 years ago today.
You make the world a prettier, Frenchier, curlier place!

p.s. I re-read this later and realized that some of it doesn't rhyme at all! Some and summer!? C'mon, Kate! I am going to leave it in its original state, though.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog Catch Up

1. Abby's birthday poem

Abby, I hope your birthday yesterday
was nothing short of splendid.
I'm sorry your b-day poem is late.
(Please don't be offended.)

I'm so glad that you became my boss
all those semesters ago
because you are truly awesome-sauce
and have helped me learn and grow!

Though I'm sad I can't call you my boss anymore,
I will always call you my friend!
I'm excited that next year you're living "next door"
and for the time that together we'll spend!

I have no doubt that you will be
the best RD in the history of college.
That you are welcoming and warm (and a terrific singer)
is also a fact that all would acknowledge!

I'm so glad that 27 years ago you were born!
Without you here on earth,
the planet would be so forlorn!

2. Visit to Mizzou

The search for a grad school continued this week as my mom and I headed to the University of Missouri J-School (her alma mater) on Thursday so I could look at their strategic communications sequence. 

Let me just tell you, I am in love. I've already started praying for an assistantship. 

J-School entrance to the quad

The columns from a building that burned down in 1892
(They're undergoing repairs right now.)

My mom chillin' with good ol' Thomas J.

Inside the J-School library

Huge Macs everywhere!

I have heard all my life about the creepy library that my mom
used to study in during grad school. Here it is!
It was just as creepy as she had made it sound.
(Not the same as the aforementioned library. Obvs.)

Lots of cool buildings on campus!

3. Emily's wedding

People often call their own wedding days the best days of their lives, so I suppose it makes sense that I — having not had my own wedding yet — would consider my best friend's wedding day to trump just about every other day I can think of.

Kristina teasing Brooke's hair / using it as a microphone

It was a combination of things that made it so amazing. There was, of course, the overarching happiness about the fact that our friend Emily was marrying a godly guy who will love her forever. But there was also a whole lot of little happy things that added up to one big happy day.

Some of them (in no particular order):
  • Having all the high school girlies back in one place
  • Getting to do all that girly hair/makeup/dress-up stuff together (Like the prom x1000)
  • Our get-ready soundtrack of BSB, Kelly, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Dave Barnes, etc.
It was really convenient that the M.O.H. was a Mary Kay consultant.
  • Seeing Emily in her wedding dress for the first time (I literally gasped.)
  • Our pre-wedding (oh-so-celebratory) dance party 
  • The bridal party's dance down the aisle after the wedding (à la this video)
Didn't my hair look awesome?
  • The perfect, sunny but not-too-hot weather
  • Macaroni and cheese and barbecue at the reception (Um, yes, please)
Emily puts on lipstick.
  • More (celebratory) dancing at the reception (The first song played after the official reception dances was "Larger than Life." Best song ever.)
  • The fact that my legs held up remarkably well considering the heels we wore and all our dancing
Laura and Leah break it down.

It is weird to be at the point in my life when my close friends are starting to get married. I somehow always thought I would feel older by now. I'm beginning to think that feeling older is a myth, that how old we are has little bearing on how old we feel or how much we think we're capable of.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holy #@!$%, I am on Huffington Post

That's right, folks.

Yours truly clicked on this link for quote The STRICTEST Colleges endquote. . .
only to find my own smiling face looking back at me. 

Because, apparently, one writer at the good ol' Huffington Post considers Asbury University (which, despite posting a picture full of students wearing AU t-shirts, he mistakenly refers to as "Asbury College") to be among the strictest schools in the country. 

The blurb for the article, which was posted today, reads, "The handbook of Asbury College, located in Kentucky, is based around a 'radical commitment to Jesus Christ,' which includes mandatory class attendance and a no-smoking policy."

Mandatory class attendance!? No smoking!? Commitment to Jesus!? 
Who do the rule-makers at this institution think they are!?

Give me a break, HuffPost.
I've never felt restricted at Asbury University, only blessed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

It's that day again: Monday!

(I'm tempted to say that what made me happy this Monday was Taylor's visit or three-day weekends, but, alas, Tay and three-day weekends have both already been featured on MMHM.)

You want to know what else has been making me happy today and all weekend?
This trailer:

I know, RIGHT!?
I can't even function when I think about the newest Harry Potter movie.

Belen posted the vid on her blog on Thursday, and I have watched it multiple times every day since.

I might even have called the nearest IMAX theater to ask when tix would go on sale for the midnight showing!

The girl I talked to was like, "Uh, you should probably call back a couple months before it comes out."
Sorry, I just can't contain my excitement!

Speaking of Harry Potter,
I am dying to go to the theme park.

I want to stroll in Hogsmeade,

be chosen by a wand in Ollivander's,

stock up on Sugar Quills at Zonko's,

and pretend, if only for a day, that all the Harry Potter magic is real. 

(Images via.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Saw this Tuesday Wednesday at midnight with Abby, Marie, DJ, and Emily! (Again.)

Loved it!

Lingering impressions and questions:
  • Edward is so attractive.
  • Why has no vampire asked for my hand in marriage?
  • Jacob is so attractive.
  • Why is Jacob only 18?
  • How come I gave up on the fourth book without finishing it?
  • How do I get my hair to look like Bella Swan's?
  • That new bad vampire is so attractive.
  • Couldn't they have found a different person to replace Victoria?
  • Why does Edward like Bella Swan?
  • Why does Jacob like Bella Swan?
  • Why, in general, does Bella Swan come across as so unlikeable?
  • Who does that-stupid-guy-who-sat-behind-us-and-made-rude-comments-and-burping-noises think he is?
  • If Jacob Black kissed me, I would not punch him in the face.
  • But if I did punch him in the face, and I did break my hand, I would not mind having Dr. Cullen bind the wound.
  • Just saying.
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