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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Happy birthday, Lauren John,
I hope you strap your seatbelt on

because we're about to spend some time
on the roller-coaster called, "It's your birthday, so I'll attempt to rhyme."

You are loveliest girl from the Carolina to the north.
When you sing, glorious notes burst forth.

Your Spanish is muy bonita, también.
(As are your artwork and your pearly white grin.)

You always bring sunshine when you come into the unit
with your nail polish, tiny computer, and hilarious wit.

I wish we were together this very day
watching The Bachelor and/or being goof-ay.

I'm glad you switched your major again.
(Probably somewhere in the Bible it says accounting is a sin.)

So happy we got put in the same suite as freshies all those years ago.
Can't wait to live with you again, just a couple months to go!

And on today, the 21st anniversary of the day of your birth,
I'm so grateful for all you bring to this earth.

You are beautiful and smart and funny, too.
College – and the world in general – would be way boring-er without you!


  1. Kate, I like your rhyming skills and the photo montage. I've decided you should rap for senior showcase...just throwing it out there.

  2. thanks so much for following me. :) looking forward to getting to know you a bit!

    - lauren xoxo

  3. aw. this is presh. i can't wait to see you!

  4. oh and i agree with evan. :)

  5. Kate! I never saw this! Thank you so much for the tribute to my vida. I love you!


Please and thank you.

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