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Monday, May 10, 2010

Awkward Turtle

Have you ever gotten stuck in a situation that is just so painfully awkward

that all you can think is

Wow, I must be the most awkward person on the planet,


and you just kind of want to liquify and slide away on the floor like Alex Mack?

That happened to me yesterday. Twice.
[The painfully awkward situations, not the Alex Mack transformation. (Unfortunately.)]

Gaaaaah. What are you even supposed to do in those situations?

p.s. I wish my awkward looked as elegant and dreamy as Jane and Bingley's.


  1. I think I want to hear what the actual situations were...and as to what to do...point off in the distance and say "Look over there" and when they do, run away. Fast.

  2. I had totally forgotten about The Secret World of Alex Mack!! I used to love that show! Leave it to you to remind me of past loves from my childhood. :)


Please and thank you.

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