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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Fair warning: This blog might be a little lot disjointed.

What sounds happier to you?

the beginning of spring


the end of winter

I must admit that I like the sound of the end of winter better.
It sounds like it's been long awaited, almost given up on – a hope realized.

{1, 2}


All my hair is gone! Yep, I got a whopping 10 inches cut off!

It feels funny to run my fingers through it, but I'm loving it so far!
I'm having a little trouble getting the ends to stay under rather than turning out, but I'm hoping to get the hang of that soon.

It feels quite spring-y to me.


Have you seen Phoebe in Wonderland?

I watched it a couple of nights ago, and I highly recommend it.
(It's an instant play option on Netflix.)

Elle Fanning, Dakota's sister, plays the main character, a little girl who has Tourette syndrome. I was seriously amazed at what a brilliant little actress that girl is.

I have a soft spot in my heart for people with Tourette's because the summer before last I got to work with a little 14-year-old girl who had it. This movie did such a good job of showing what people with the syndrome have to go through.


Remember that time I embarrassedly admitted that I really liked Miley Cyrus's then-new song, "The Climb"?

Well, I have another confession to make. . .

I might really like her new song.

And I might kind of want to see her new movie as a result.

(I also might have thought that if I were Billy-Ray, I would have told my 17-year-old that she needed to wear more in the way of a top in her music video.)

What can I say, I just really like her voice!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! That book was soooooo good! But they did a terrible job casting for the movie, none of them look anything like they should have! But.... im gonna see the movie too just cuz the book was so good....


Please and thank you.

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