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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make-Me-Happy Mondays Tuesdays

Want to know what made me happy today (and the last three days)?

Not being on a schedule.

And I am exercising my lack of schedule by posting this on Tuesday rather than Monday.

So far on break I have:
  • designed two posters
  • read three chapters of my Spanish textbook (¡en español!)
  • read all of this book for my Spanish paper
  • read half of this book for my Spanish paper
  • outlined my Spanish paper
  • finally come up with a topic for my screenplay for narratives
  • downloaded a program that will make writing said screenplay much quicker/easier
  • read five chapters of my narratives textbook
  • met best friend Brooke's boyfriend
  • hung with best friend Lindsay
  • missed best friend Taylor
  • called my workplace from last year and secured a summer job
  • scheduled a much needed haircut
Which reminds me. . . I can't decide what to do about my hair!!!

Remember when I had this dilemma, oh, eight months ago?

Well, for several weeks I've been planning to get it chopped off like this...

And I've been majorly looking forward to it,
but I just keep thinking about best friend Emily's wedding this summer, and I can't DECIDE!

Bridesmaids (minus Brooke and Laura) and the lovely bride!
(My right arm has never looked more awkward than it does in this photo.)

Maybe I want it to be long for the wedding!? Can't decide!

I usually get it all cut off in the spring. In fact, 2009 was the first year in five years that I didn't get it all cut off

. . . as evidenced by this compilation photo I made while watching American Idol.

2005-2008 (clockwise from top left)

Am I ridiculous for making a compilation photo of my haircuts? YES.
Does it help indecisive and visually-learning people like me? YES.

The haircut is tomorrow at 4:00!
What to do? What to do? What to do?

More reading for Spanish. . .
Well, that I don't have much of a choice about.


  1. OH MY GOSH. I think you'd look SO CUTE with your hair chopped that way. :) I was afraid to do the same, but once I did, I think it looked really good on me (I don't mean for that to sound so... well like I'm into myself, lol). My only problem is now that it's getting longer, I'm having a hard time pulling it back for work, and I can't get it cut again right away because I don't have the money, but also it's stil too short to be cut, yknow?

    Anyway, I still think that haircut would look amazing on you. :)

  2. YAY, thanks, Belen!

    I did end up getting it all cut off! 10 inches – crazy!

    I will post pics soon!

  3. I love the A-line bob! It is such a great haircut. Effortleslly chic (unless you have frizzy curly hair like me and then everything requires effort). Go for it! hair grows!


Please and thank you.

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