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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jesse y Joy

Downloaded this on Tuesday–two seconds after I found out it was out.

The problem with liking a group that isn't very famous in America is that you don't really hear when their new CD comes out, so you may end up hearing a few months late when you randomly check their MySpace!

This was only the second CD I've ever downloaded without listening to all the 30-second previews a bunch of times. (This was the first.) Jesse y Joy, a brother-sister duo, are just that good!

My fave songs on the new CD are "Nuevo Dia" and "Chocolate."

My faves on their last CD were "Mi Sol," "Espacio Sideral," and (almost typed y there) "Nadie Podra."

Seriously, listen to this. America is missing out.

And from their last CD:

MMM. So good. I cannot get over her voice.

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