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Thursday, January 21, 2010


If you like Glee or High School Musical, you should watch this.
Actually, if you like musicals at all, you should watch this.

That little school might have sent me admissions material during my senior year of high school.
And I might have saved it
because I might have taken it as a pat on the back for working my behind off all four years.
Don't judge me.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this video
and watched all 16 minutes of it,
and even though I really love Rory Gilmore,
I'm glad I don't go to Yale.
So very, very glad.

But I do think Asbury should make a video like this
because our film majors produce better stuff
because our students have superior voices
because our admissions department is for sure more fun
because we could feature Dr. McKinley
and our better-lit library
and our new comm. arts building
and chapel!

That was the sad part about this video to me.
I kept somehow half-expecting it to culminate with the reveal of a glorious chapel full of Yale students, but it never did.
They have a billion theatre, sports, dance, and cultural groups, etc. etc. etc.,
but they don't have chapel.


  1. You are so great kate! I agree. Let's make it happen!

  2. That was good... but Im all for Asbury, even if all the cafiteria serves are grilled cheeses. And you'd have way better actors at Asbury... you guys should definatly make one


Please and thank you.

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