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Monday, January 11, 2010

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

It's Monday! This means that it's time again to highlight one thing that makes me happy!

The original purpose of MMHM was to keep me focusing on cheery things instead of crummy things. It totally worked! All day I have debated what to choose, which has forced me to notice all of the little happy things that have happened today.

For instance, as I walked to my 9:00 class, I noticed a tiny snowman that some student had built in the middle of campus. That made me happy. Then I got to sit in between two friends in said class. That made me happy. Then chapel was awesome, and it just felt great to be back in Hughes with everybody. That made me happy. Then I had two packages in CPO. Then I got to eat lunch with lots of my friends and my beloved boss. Then I got out of my 2:00 early. Then a prospective student whom I gave a tour to last semester and who enrolled for this semester remembered me and stopped me to talk. Happy happy happy happy.

Wow, so much happy! I almost don't even know what to choose!

I have decided, however, that the overarching happy thing of the day is: being reunited with people you love.

Because it's really awesome not to be able to walk across campus without stopping to hug someone.

Wow, that picture almost makes me tear up.

What made you happy today?


  1. What made my day today was feeling confident on my chem exam this morning. It really set things into motion and I felt so good the rest of the day!

  2. I do yoga in the mornings and that makes me pretty happy.

    I am in LOVE with your blog btw :)


Please and thank you.

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