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Monday, January 4, 2010

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

This morning I woke up, glanced at the clock on my bedside table, and thought to myself, "This time next week, I will be in class. DANG IT."

Seriously, Christmas break is flying/has flown by ridiculously fast, and I'm not exactly eagerly anticipating the return to tests and studying and textbooks and papers and– Okay, I'm actually kind of upsetting myself right now just by typing all of that.

I don't want to sound ungrateful. It's not that I dislike college. I love college, and I love Asbury, and I am grateful that I get to go. I have hilarious and beautiful friends there, and I thoroughly enjoy the time that we spend watching movies and goofing off–and not dancing–inside and outside of the dorm. I love both of my jobs at school to the point that they don't really feel like jobs. I love random trips to Walmart and how everybody in the car sings along to whatever song is on the radio. I love how bizarre we all are and how funny everything gets when we're really really tired. And, seriously, when else in my life will I have access to this number of closets?

The number of things I love about college far far outweighs the number of things that I don't love. I'm talking like 50 to 1 probably. But for whatever reason, I am letting the few things I hate overshadow the great number of things I love.

So I have decided to institute on this blog...
Drum roll please...

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

Lots of other bloggers have Things-I-Like Thursdays. This is kind of like that, but it comes on Monday because, let's be honest, Mondays are a lot harder to get through than Thursdays.

So every Monday I will write about something that Makes Me Happy. That will make the yucky things easier to forget about.

On this inaugural Monday, I have chosen: how snow makes everything a little bit more like Narnia and Hogwarts.

(Because if magical worlds aren't happy, I don't know what is!)



  1. hahaha ya i know taylors told me she wishes you were here to shout "FOR NARNIA!" because we have our first snowday tommorrow!

  2. this is great kate... good idea. I hope it works well for you :)

    Hey, we should go on a Panera Date when we get back


Please and thank you.

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