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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections on a Decade

So I've known for weeks that 2009 was coming to an end, but I only realized a couple of days ago that so is an entire decade.

It still feels weird to have gotten to an age at which I can even remember something that happened 10 years ago. I do, though. I pretty clearly remember the whole freakout surrounding Y2K. We had a whole freezer in our basement full of bottled water and canned vegetables.

Since I can remember the whole decade, I might as well, right?
So here is my decade in review: the Oties according to Kate.

Loved: borrowing friends' Backstreet Boys' Millenium CDs to listen to on my discman, Crazy Bones, Pokémon
Moments: graduating from elementary school, my cousin Courtney's wedding, starting middle school
Thought that: jean jackets went with everything
Loved: that George W. Bush ousted Bill Clinton, The Princess Diaries
Moments: September 11
Mmm, that's all I remember.
Loved: Harry Potter books, track and volleyball, Aeropostale
Moments: Getting braces, my cousin Kyle's wedding
Thought that: John Mayer was overrated
Hated: science class
Loved: Clay Aiken/American Idol, track, A Walk to Remember, running with my dad
Moments: Getting braces off and ears pierced, graduating from middle school, switching to the local public school (where they gave all the students iBooks), finding out the whole fam was moving to who's ever heard of Kentucky, getting my own iBook, seeing Clay Aiken live
Thought that: Clay and I were destined to be together
Moments: surprise going-away party, moving to Kentucky, realizing I liked Kentucky better (thank you), running cross-country, getting hurt, seeing Clay Aiken live again...and again
Loved: Kentucky and all it entailed, running, my iBook, CIY, Ichthus
Hated: Honors chem as a freshman (Good one, Pennsylvania!), Napoleon Dynamite
Thought that: 4-6 weeks meant 4-6 weeks
Loved: that George W. Bush stayed president, MySpace, YouTube, Spanish class, CIY, doing stats for the cross country team
Moments: physical therapy, being in a wheelchair, turning 16 (in said wheelchair), getting my driver's permit, my cousin Brady's wedding
Thought that: trucker hats were genuinely kind of cute
Moments: getting my driver's license, more physical therapy, prom (dress, hair, date, DRAMA), starting senior year, trip to Betsy's houseboat, WCHS cross country at state
Loved: MySpace, Facebook, cell phones, CIY
Loved: Spring break, senior trip, doing class publicity, new Asbury friends, The Office
Moments: deciding to go to Asbury, prom again (dress, hair, date, DRAMA again), graduating (got to walk first out of a class of 260-ish because of my last name!), seeing Harry Potter at midnight, tearing up at the end of the last Harry Potter book, working at the Stewart Home, starting college
Hated: the ACT, skinny jeans, AP calc
Loved: David Archuleta, Twilight, the mall
Moments: becoming an Asbury Ambassador, trip to Western, visiting MC and Lola's houses, freshman formal, working at SHS again, meeting David Archuleta with Becki, going to the UGA vs. UK game, trip to SCAD with Jack and my mom, traveling to see Duke docs...to no avail
Hated: the caf
Loved: my jobs (daycare, admissions, PR), Kris Allen, blogging, Gilmore Girls, small group, babies, graphic design class, Glee
Moments: new physical therapists, trip to Eastern, getting to introduce Jack in chapel, another houseboat trip, visiting Tay's and Jenelle's houses, homecoming, another new physical therapist, meeting Needtobreathe with Linds
Hated: studying

So there it is, my decade in review. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but I suppose that's what I get for trying to sum up 10 years in one sitting. It's been a good decade for sure–one punctuated by a move, an injury, an obsession with American Idol, graduation and school transitions, and relationships with my friends and family.

I can only hope that the next decade will be as good. Will it bring healing? A college degree (or two)? A husband and babies? More time with my lovely friends and fam?

Here's to hoping!


  1. Sooo I don't mean to burst your bubble, and your entire post, but doesn't the new decade technically start in 2011?

    Just a thought.

  2. No, it's like how the '70s ended in 1979, so the '80s started in 1980. The Oties ended in 2009, so the new decade started with 2010.


  3. Kate! I miss you! Don't listen to Sarah, I've been calling it a new decade too. Love everything about this blog. Particularly the sartorial snark and the fact that you hate Napoleon Dynamite. You always come through for me.

    Also, feeling cool cause I got a shout out. Just saying.


Please and thank you.

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