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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Needtobreathe,

Keep your eyes open for these girls because we are coming to see you again this weekend. That's right, drummer Joe. I know you really wanted us to come to the Nashville show. Please sing "Over Now."

Dear Brooke,
This is how it will be in our hearts.

Dear Emily,
Have you decided yet whether or not you are coming? You should. Remember how much fun we had last time we spent the weekend at Western? I believe it looked a little something like this.
Seriously, though, what's a girls' night without the opportunity to dress up in cheetah print, use book lights for microphones, and dance around a dorm room while lip-synching to The Backstreet Boys?

Dear Express,
I haven't stopped thinking about this dress of yours that I saw on Saturday. You should take a hint from Fossil and The Gap and put it on super clearance. I would buy it.

Dear legs,
Do you really want to play this game with me, right now? I'm getting kind of incredibly tired of it. I know it rained all last week, but that is really no excuse for your behavior.

I am SO excited for your wedding!

Dear Asbury,
I love you. Everybody will want to attend you for college once they see this awesome pic from our impromptu photo shoot on the cover of the new admissions booklets!


Please and thank you.

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