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Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear cafeteria decision-makers,

Pancakes and potato chips for lunch? Really?

I have SO MUCH to blog about. So much I want to catch up on.
Packing and heading back to school.
Not having the Internet for the last week. (Eeek!)
The Needtobreathe concert that I went to Monday with bff Lindsay!

But I have to leave in 22 minutes for a student govt. retreat.

So I'll say what I've been meaning to blog about for a long time:
A big BLOGGY thank you to Belen for sending me the Princess Diaries soundtrack and a Celine Dion CD as part of her crap-away giveaways!

Because Celine Dion and TPD fit right into the very large category of embarrassing things that I love.
Michael Moscovitz, anyone?


  1. I love the header of your blog, that's really cute!

  2. good times in the blogging world. I hope your schedule continues to allow you to do so.


Please and thank you.

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