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Friday, August 14, 2009

Rainbow Cake

This is my little sister, Jane, at her high school graduation two months ago.

Look at all those cords and awards! (That rhymes.)

Okay, you're right; I'm in the picture, too. Ignore me for now.

But, uh oh, this is my little sister, Jane, in the ER last Saturday. I know, right!?

Yes, she sewed her finger. In the sewing machine. On accident of course. And look how she wound up. (No pun intended.) (Actually, that could be two puns; figure it out.)

Jane, being on Codeine and still feeling the effects of the  Michael Jackson meds Demerol that they gave her before they extracted the needle (!), did not feel like herself, to say the least. So she and I decided that making this rainbow cake from Omnomicon would cheer her up!

Here are our adventures in colorful-cake-making, photo-documented for your viewing pleasure.

Yum, and it definitely did taste good! I want to try it again sometime soon. Maybe shades of pink on the inside?


  1. a) you and your sister not only are hot but look alike

    b) That rainbow cake is awesome- I am sooo making it this week!

    c) you are an awesome big sister ;)

    d) is that Chris Lipka?

    e) you're polaroids are so cute

    <3 dottie

  2. Yes, yes, the polaroids. Talk about them.

  3. This is awesome. we should make a cake like that for open dorm.

  4. That's a freaking awesome cake!

    And dude! She... sewed... her... finger... *loses blood in face and faints*

    Really? Omg, man, that... leaves me speechless... And a little woozy!

    My mom would talk my ear off about how careful I should be around the sewing machine! I will NOT be telling her this story! Hahahaha.

    But I'm glad all is well though, and I hope her finger heals up good and fast!

    Now me wants some yum yum cizz-ake.



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