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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm scheduled to get my hair cut Saturday.

For the first time in a year. 

Preface: This might be vain. But. It's my blog. 

My hair's getting really long, and I normally go from long to short to long to short, so I would normally just cut it all off at this point. But I've seen so many cute hairstyles lately--short or long or...banged--that it's been hard for me to choose. I have compiled some pictures to help me make my decision. 

Here's my hair at the longest and shortest it's been in recent years in both curly and straight forms. I kind of think that my face looks better with short hair but that my hair itself looks better long. 

Reasons to get just the ends trimmed and let it keep growing: 

Okay, I'm well aware that my hair will never look like that of these girls. I can never get it to curl much, but on its best long days, it looks kind of like a brunette version of Whitney's here. 


These girls look adorable with bangs, which kind of makes me want to try them. My face is oval, so I could pull it off, right? But I had bangs when I was little and definitely looked better once I got rid of them.

And all too often, bangs end up looking terrible.

Yeah, sorry about that.

I think I might just get my side bangs cut back in. Oh, how I've missed them.

I feel like those are a lot harder to mess up. 

Oh, oh, but then I see girls with short hair.

And how cute do they look? Yeah, I know Kelly's on there twice. Two different years. I think short hair makes girls look confident, too, because too many girls with long hair seem just to hide behind their locks.

I think I'm going to get the side bangs cut back in and let it keep getting longer until March-ish, and then, when it's really long, I'll get it all cut off like Hayden's above. Thoughts?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Fossil and The Gap,

You put joy into my heart. 
And I would like to thank you on multiple levels. 

First, thank you for your beautiful clothing and all the pretty colors.

Second, thank you for sales like this, which make me terribly happy. (I took these pics on my phone, so they are quite blurry, but that's $7.99 instead of $39.50 and $19.99 instead of $58.00!)

Third, thank you for your vanity sizing. Who doesn't like purchasing a small?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Best. idea. ever.

Just saw this on the rosebud chronicles and had to share it. 

I totally want to do this whenever I get married. 
Maybe one of my AC media comm. friends could help me out!

Also, this just happens to be my all time favorite song to listen to while running.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I saw this at the grocery store yesterday

and thought to myself, "If only it were that simple."
Seriously, if they could bottle healing, I would purchase it. 

On a lighter note, I have good news about mis ojos, my eyes. 
Remember this day--when I vented about my doctor putting me on medicine for my legs that has made putting in contacts incredibly uncomfortable for the last two and a half years? 

And remember how for a long time I just wore one contact or put in eye drops every few minutes or stuck my fingers in my eyes to scoot my contacts around and what not? And I even believed what my eye doctor said--that I'd developed an allergy to the contacts themselves?

And then I kind of gave up on wearing contacts all together and just dealt with glasses and had to buy new sunglasses to fit over my glasses but always felt disappointed during dress up events because they meant whole evenings of eye discomfort?

Yeah, well, I saw a new eye doctor yesterday, and she was very familiar with this particular side effect to that drug and has prescribed eye drop steroids for me to take and says that I should be able to wear contacts comfortably again within the month!!! She said that in 18 years of being an eye doctor, she has only had one patient that she has not been able to get back into contacts. 

Take that, leg meds! These lashes are too long to be concealed behind all that glass.
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