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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yes, please!

Would you care for some New Moon? How about some Edward and Jacob? 
Yes, please! Can't wait until we all go see it at midnight again!

Lately I've been in a really crafty mood. It always seems to hit me on breaks much in the same way that it hits me when I enter Michael's or Hobby Lobby. The only problem is that I'm a poor college student who can't actually purchase all the supplies necessary to do crafty things. 

My desire to do something crafty has come primarily in the form of an urge to reupholster something. Saturday night I stayed in this amazing yet creepy house with Victorian furniture that I just wanted to rip the fabric off and reupholster. (I would have except that the ghosts would have killed me in my sleep the owners would have been upset.)

Here is some reupholstery inspiration for you and me:

All photos via Alkemie.


  1. I like this blog a lot. I know that feeling all too well. The urge to create [and on a low budget]. Reupholster a sweet chair Kate and we can put it in the unit next year! That is if you can/have time.

  2. Whose unit? :(

    Kate, you are funny and I miss you.

  3. Are you really going to learn to reupholster?

  4. I like how you use strike through. It's tough to know when to use these certain tools and how to make things not look like crappy word art. ++ to you!

  5. I love the furniture! It all looks so good. I wish I could help you reupholster. I'm in such a creative mood!!!


Please and thank you.

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