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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I was terribly disappointed this morning

when I accidentally stepped on/mangled my still-new-in-my-mind Kate Spade glasses.

Yes, those ones.

So now I'm back to wearing these old glasses from the 7th grade, and I feel significantly less cute. (These pictures are also a testament to the wonder of no-glare lenses, which my new ones have and my old don't.)

My mom and I are headed to the glasses store tomorrow to see if they can fix them or if we have to purchase a whole new pair. 

If they fix them, I'll fear that they're more delicate and breakable after being bent and rebent. 

And whether they fix them or I get a new pair, I'll forever fear that I will yet again break them and yet again feel that horrible sinking realization in my stomach when I hear them crack beneath my shoe.

On a not-at-all lighter note, this has also invoked my rage again against the doctor who thought a certain drug would help my legs and felt no need to tell me that one of the side effects is that "The eye tissue may become dry causing higher sensitivity and decreasing [contact] wearing time. The cornea may retain fluid and change shape, which may cause fitting, feeling and visual problems."

Um, good job, doc. The medicine helped not at all, and now I can't wear contacts. Thing #764 that my legs have messed up.


  1. Wow Kate. That sucks. I hope they can fix them. And doctors suck.

    Also, just a side note about doctors... it's so annoying when they don't know what's wrong with you and so they just make something up... kinda try to weed out what it isn't all the while costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars. I feel like most of the time when I go to doctors they don't know what the deal is. ANNOYINGGG. Okay like when I got my knee checked out we had to pay 100$ because it was my first time there... but all he did was tell me to do leg lifts and gave me a brace. I frikin could have tied a rubber band around my knee for 0$. But whatever. At least i know there's nothing wrong. Okay I don't know why I'm writing so much. Have a lovely friday dear Kate.

  2. dearest Kate,
    that sucks about the glasses-- I hope they get fixed-- I always make my glasses crooked by leaning on them to watch tv-- very annoying haha

    Also I just watched that trailer for Post-grad on an earlier post and it looks awesome.. I really want to see it haha


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